Velvet Cinema Studio Bringing your vision to life.
More than just great gear Stunning vibe, and unmatched passion for music.
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Velvet Cinema Studio is a recording studio and music production/film scoring facility in Franklin, TN.


Michael Whittaker is the owner/composer/producer and Lenny Juliano is the audio engineer. Together they help artists bring their creative visions to life.


We have a variety of guitars, keyboards, microphones, and software to get the best sound possible from your recording session.

our vision

Helping artists bring their creative vision to life...
Unlike most Nashville based recording studios, Velvet Cinema is geared towards creative ear candy. With one of the largest synthesizer and sample libraries in Nashville, we can bring that extra something special to your production. Whether you need the sound of a symphonic orchestra or an incredible electro pop production, we are one of the most versatile production facilities around.

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With great microphones, pre amps, and incredible instruments such as our 7'6 Kawaii grand piano, and Hammond b3 organ, Velvet Cinema Studios captures a warm and professional sound.

Mixing & Mastering
Our roster of engineers has mixed for some of the top artists in the world and has been showered with numerous awards.

Artist Development
Our passion is YOUR music and YOUR success. Let us help you in the most important aspect of launching your career.

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Our team

Michael Whittaker

Michael Whittaker

Owner and Composer/Producer

Lenny Juliano

Lenny Juliano

Audio Engineer